In 1917, Mr. Suegoro Sone was finishing his Agronomy studies at the University of Tokyo. It is then that, guided by his adventurous spirit, he decides to travel West and settle in Chile.

   There he spends his life testing, innovating and promoting new cultivation techniques, as well as introducing Japanese varieties of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

   At the same time, he receives Japanese inmigrants and helps them at their beginnings in the country.
Due to that, the Emperor gives him the Merit Medal in 1965.

A course of distant roots
Suegoro Sone
   Mr. Juan (Tadao) Sone, Mr .Suegoro Sone’s son, is the founder of the Sone companies.

  His enterprising and innovative spirit allowed him to catch a glimpse of the comparative advantages in Chile, for the production of hibryd flower seeds. In the mid 80’s, he turns into the first one to export this produce to Japan. He expands its services up to the main seed companies in Japan, USA and Europe.

   At the beginnings of the 90’s, the dream of producing and exporting Oriental Lilium Bulbs come true. In 1998, Mr. Juan Sone finally settles in Valdivia city (south Chile), where he concentrates fully in this project, turning quickly into one of the major producers in the world.

Juan Sone